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I wasn’t planning to post any more at this blog, but several new factors arose:

•  I’ve been wanting to add some “postscripts” to my book and doing so seems easier at this blog site (possibly as “Comments”) than at my website

•  Two weeks ago (and for the second time), my website went “dead” for a week.  I’m hoping that this blog site (i.e., Google’s “blogspot”) is more reliable

•  Google now provides, free, 15 GB of digital storage, and whereas I don’t know how much longer I’ll continue to pay to host my book at my website, I therefore decided to store my book also with Google.

As a result, below is my book’s Table of Contents, with titles linked to storage at Google.

Two notes about these Contents are the following:

1.  A “redundancy” exists in the following list, in that the 39 “Yx Chapters” linked here are also the 39 prior posts at this blog.

2.  The link in the following to “Preliminaries” leads to, among others, a page entitled “About the book”.  In that text is given an e-mail address to which readers can send suggestions about how to improve the book.  Rather than sending suggestions to that address, however, I invite readers to submit their suggestions as Comments at the end of this blog post.  If you choose to do so, please reference the chapter and page numbers to which your comments refer.

The book’s linked Table of Contents follows.

Love Letters from Grampa –

about Life, Liberty, and the Zen of Zero

Table of Contents



PART 1  (A – H):

Awareness – Happiness

A  – Awareness

B Board Meeting

C1 – Connected Concepts

C2 Contentious Communications

D Digging for Decisions

E Evaluating Endeavors

F Figuring out Feelings

G Goals of the Game

H1 Happiness = Progress

H2 Hope = Expected Value

PART 2  (I, Ideas):

Belief in God is Bad Science…

Ia Awareness of Ideas

Ib1 Basic Ideas in Science

Ib2 Basic Ideas about Logic

Ic Constraining Ideas

Id Digging into the God Idea

Ie Evaluating “Proofs” of God

If Finding Immortal Fallacies

Ig Gaining Confidence & Trust

Ih Hypotheses &Probabilities

Ii Indoctrination in Ignorance

PART 2x (Ix):

EXcursion into the Origins of the God Idea

Ix01 – Introduction

Ix02 – Spirits, Souls, & Gods

Ix03 – Genesis & Flood Myths

Ix04 – Flooded by Frozen Myths

Ix05 – Biblical Flood & Genesis Myths

Ix06 – Gilgamesh & the Flood

Ix07 – Stories in the Stars

Ix08 – Some Biblical Star Myths

Ix09 – Changing Ideas of the Gods

Ix10 – Homer’s Help to Humanity

Ix11 – Changing Ideas of Death

PART 3 (J – Q):

[Belief in God is Bad Science…] and Even Worse Policy

J1 Supernatural Jabberwocky

J2 Justice & Morality

J3 Interpersonal Justice & Morality

J4 Judging Judges

K   Kindness with Keenness

L Love within Limits

M1 – The Mountainous God Lie

M2 – Misconceived Morality

M3 – Muddled Moralities

M4 Morality without Gods

N Nature, Nurture, & “No!”

O1 – Opinions & Objectives

O2 – Objectives of the Gods

P1 The Purpose of Life

P2 Premisses behind Purposes

P3 Some Purposes Pursued

P4 Premisses about Authority

P5 Some Sad Personal Policies

P6 Some Sick Social Policies

P7 Problems Religions Cause Individuals

P8 Problems Religions Cause Groups

P9 Problems Religions Cause Societies

P10 – Parasites & Power Mongers

Q1 Questioning Questions

Q2 Quality & Quotations

PART 3x  (Qx):

EXcursions through Religious Quagmires

Qx01 – Introduction

Qx02 – Policies in Genesis – 1

Qx03 – Policies in Genesis – 2

Qx04 – Policies in Genesis – 3

Qx05 – Policies in Exodus – 1

Qx06 – Policies in Exodus – 2

Qx07 – Policies in Exodus – 3

Qx08 – Policies in Leviticus & Numbers

Qx09 – Policies in Deuteronomy

Qx10 – Purposes of Old Testament Policies

Qx11 – Policies in Matthew – 1

Qx12 – Policies in Matthew – 2

Qx13 – New Testament Injustices

Qx14 – New Testament Immoralities

Qx15 – New Testament Incoherencies

Qx16 – New Testament Insanities

Qx17 – NT Sins Against Humanity

Qx18 – NT Crimes Against Humanity

Qx19 – Christian Childishness

Qx20 – Biblical Balderdash

Qx21 – LDS Ludicrousness – 1

Qx22 – LDS Ludicrousness – 2

Qx23 – LDS Ludicrousness – 3

Qx24 – LDS Ludicrousness – 4

Qx25 – Muhammad & the Quran

Qx26 – Quran – Periods 1 & 2

Qx27 – Quran – 3rd Period – 1

Qx28 – Quran – 3rd Period – 2

Qx29 – Quran – 3rd Period – 3

Qx30 – Quitting the Quagmires

PART 4  (R – X):

Replace Belief in God with Confidence in the Scientific Method…

R Reason vs. Reality

S Science & Models

T1 – “Truth” & Knowledge

T2 “Truth” & Understanding

U Ubiquitous Uncertainties

V Values & Objectives

W Words, Wisdom, & Worldviews

X:  EXchanging Worldview

X01 EXposing Ignorance

X02 EXcavating Reasons

X03 EXamining Reasons

X04 – EXamining Goals

X05 – EXamining Interactions

X06 – EXamining Organizations

X07 – EXamining Possibilities

X08 – EXamining Operations

X09 – EXploring Prospects

X10 – EXtending Justice

X11 – EXpropriating Rights

X12 – EXposing Violence

X13 – EXuding EXtremism

X14 – EXporting Delusions

X15 – EXpanding Education

X16 – EXtolling Critical Thinking

X17 – EXtirpating Corruption

X18 – EXploiting Competition

X19 – EXtracting Evaluative Thinking

X20 – EXpelling Educational Myths

X21 – EXorcising Child Abuse

X22 – EXiting the Vicious Circle

X23 – EXpanding Women’s Liberation

X24 – EXtolling Individualism

X25 – EXtinguishing Violence

X26 – EXtrapolating Laws

X27 – EXcoriating Theism

X28 – EXemplifying Humanism

X29 – EXplaining Humanism

X30 – EXcluding Theists

X31 – EXacerbating Criticisms

X32 EXterminating Terrorism

X33 – EXperimental Cooperatives

X34 EXtraterritorial Cooperatives

X35 EXtraterrestrial Perspectives

PART 5  (Y & Z):

 [Replace Belief in God with Confidence in the Scientific Method…]
 and with Trust in Yourself (= Zen) – to Help Knowledge Expand

Y:  You, Your Indoctrination, & Your Potentials

Y01 – You & Your Parents

Y02 – Your Premisses & Purposes

Y03 Your Purposes & Values

Y04 – Your Principles & Policies

Y05 – Your Decisions & Goals

Y06 – Your Hopes & Priorities

Y07 Your Delusions & Addictions

Y08 – Your Choices & Changes

Y09 – Your Challenges & Constraints

Y10 – Your Reality & Your Future

Yx:  EXploring Your Indoctrination in the Mountainous God Lie

Yx01 – Introduction

Yx02 – Creation of the Old Testament

Yx03 – Lies & Corruption in Genesis 1–3

Yx04 – Basic Errors Borrowed for the Bible

Yx05 – The Crazy Fable about Cain & Abel

Yx06 – Little Boys with their Tall Tales

Yx07 – Potential Evils of Clerical Babble

Yx08 – Naked Evils of Clerical Slavery

Yx09 – Clerical Enslavement of Thoughts

Yx10 – Cultures & Their Stories

Yx11 – Clerical Enslavement of Cultures

Yx12 – The Mythical Moses – Part 1

Yx13 – The Mythical Moses – Part 2

Yx14 – The Law Lie 1 – Morality

Yx15 – The Law Lie 2 – Justice

Yx16 – The Law Lie 3 – Customs

Yx17 – The Law Lie 4 – Contracts

Yx18 – The Law Lie 5 – Leaders

Yx19 – The Law Lie 6 – Law & Order 1

Yx20 – The Law Lie 7 – Law & Order 2

Yx21 – Clerical Quackery (CQ) 1 – Life after Death

Yx22 – Clerical Quackery (CQ) 2 – Judgment after Death

Yx23 – CQ 3 – Mesopotamian & Zoroastrian Speculations

Yx24 – CQ 4 – The Problem of Evil

Yx25 – CQ 5 – Physics vs. Metaphysics (P vs. M) in Ancient Greece 1

Yx26 – CQ 6 – P vs. M in Ancient Greece 2 – Plato

Yx27 – CQ 7 – P vs. M in Ancient Greece 3 – Aristotle

Yx28 – CQ 8 – Ancient Greece 4 – Epicureans vs. Stoics

Yx29 – CQ 9 – Greek Influences on Judaism

Yx30 – CQ10 – The Composite Christ

Yx31 – CQ11 – The Concocted Christ

Yx32 – CQ12 – The Corporate Christ

Yx33 – The Pathetic Muhammad (pbuh)

Yx34 – Five Structural Errors in Islam

Yx35 – Five Foundational Evils of Islam

Yx36 – Closing Comments 1 – Origins of the God Lie

Yx37 – Closing Comments 2 – Promotion of the God Lie

Yx38 – Closing Comments 3 – Adoption of the God Lie

Yx39 – Closing Comments 4 – Rejection of the God Lie

Z:  The Zeitgeist is Zerotheism

Z –  The Zen of Zero & Dynamics of the Dao